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The Free Zone

Trabzon Free Trade Zone is located within the port of Trabzon. It is defined as a site within the country but outside the customs border and for high value goods, it offers secure and convenient storage facilities, from which regional markets can drawn down small shipments as required. Hence, merchandise originating from overseas may be brought into Trabzon Free Zone warehouses without payment of customs duties, import duties or other excise taxes.

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Merchandise brought into the Free Zone can be dispatched abroad or distributed locally with or without processing. The opportunity to sell locally manufactured merchandise in the Free Zone is a unique benefit which is not obtainable within export free zones of competing countries.

In the Trabzon Free Trade zone all types of trade, transit trade and sales of every kind of commodities, goods, electronics, can be carried out without being subject to Turkish legislation by Turkish or foreign companies without any distinction.

The Free Zone also offers foreign investors attractive economic incentives. These include:
100% repatriation of capital
100% foreign ownership
The establishment of subsidiaries without local partners
All fields of activities open to the Turkish private sector are also open to foreign and/ or joint venture companies.