The Trabzon Port

The Trabzon Port occupies the sea area contained by two imaginary lines each drawn one mile in length in the direction of true North. The first of these begins at the Hacibesir Stream in the west, the second from Cape Hopis in the east. A third line linking these two denotes the port area. The port itself is divided into two: an inner port contained by the main breakwater and the edge of the small mole, and an outer port covering the area between the inner port and the open Sea.

Overall facilities consist of seven quays, with a combined capacity of some 2,000 vessels per year, a modern container terminal and the new Free-Zone.

Cargo handling is currently provided on a two-shift basis for 17 hours each day; pilotage is available 24 hours a day throughout the year. At present, the majority of traffic is between Europe and the Middle East, and includes general cargo, container freight and dry bulk. There are, however, numerous opportunities for expansion and development, both in the types of cargo handled and in markets served. It is estimated that, working on a continuous three-shift basis, the port is capable of a total capacity of 3.8 million tons per year.


Trabzon Free Zone offers secure and convenient storage facilities with 11.000sq.m of first class covered two warehouses and 20.000sq.m of open space.

Private storage facilities are also available with 200sq.m small private warehouses.

Trade Centre

The infrastructure of the Trabzon Free Zone is in international standards. The Trade Centre is a prestigious building within the Free Zone. It comprises 1.500sq.m of high grade office space, complete with all modern business facilities including car parking, telephone, telex, internet and fax.

The trade Centre also houses offices of the Port and Free Zone Customs and Police detachments. It is therefore the ideal site for business within the Port and Free-Zone complex, providing ready access to communications and administrative infrastructure.

The space is available to let in several units, from 50sq.m upwards.

Bulk Deliveries

For handling bulk deliveries, the port is equipped with two Dumbar Capple cranes (120 tons/hour) and three Dumbar Capple cranes (70 tons/hour).


Loading and discharge of containers takes place at the West Quay, 400m in length and equipped with a static 25-tonne crane. Mobile equipment includes a 25-tonne crane, 40-tonne Belotti fork lift, and two 35-tonne Transtaine units. Handling capacity at present is 60 containers per 12-hour shift.


• Vessel Capacity: 2,000 per year.
• Maximum Vessel size: 10.5m draft.
• Pilotage services: 24 hours a day (tree-shift basis).
• Agency location: Port Management Directorate.
• Anchorage: Free anchoring is available in the Outer Port.
• Fuel Supply: Fuel is supplied by dealers via tankers on request.
• Electricity Supply: Available from quays on demand.